Decorate Your House Like A Pro

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Decorate Your House Like A Pro

New homes provide an intriguing blank slate, allowing you to put all those ideas you’ve been saving on your Pinterest boards into action – and, let’s be honest, they may also be a little intimidating.

There’s a lot of white space on the walls.

There are hundreds of conceivable furniture combinations in the living room alone – or at least it appears to be that way. You might be considering purchasing new furniture, experimenting with a different color scheme, or downsizing.

Here’s how to get started on your décor project.

When it comes to decorating your new home, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Get to know your measuring tape.

When you build a new home on your land, you can gather all of your measurements and information in one spot.

Take the time to write down all of the dimensions you’ll be dealing with in the future, whether you’re acquiring them from blueprints or doing it yourself.

Ceiling heights, window sizes, wall measurements, counter lengths, and fireplace proportions are all factors that can influence your choice of drapes, paintings, and furniture.

2. Make a list of your ideas.

Clear the dining room table, turn on the computer, and begin pulling out all of the brochures, fabric samples, color swatches, and other materials you’ve been saving.

Open up your computer browser’s bookmarks, lay down those magazine articles, and get ready to mix and match. Alternatively, you can mix and match. In any case, it’s time to reduce your options.

3. What are you looking at, exactly?

Finding the focal point for each area is Design 101. The architecture of some spaces dictates how they should be used.

As soon as you step in the door, a wide window, a fireplace, or an accent wall will catch your eye. Use this main point as a visual anchor to work from for a pleasing arrangement.

4. Begin with a large project and work your way down to a small one.

Make a list of your most important items and let them guide you through the rest of the process. Things will start to fall into place once you’ve identified your focal points and primary furniture items.

Even if you’re beginning from scratch with a completely new set of furnishings, your new house will appear wonderfully put-together while you’re still adding your personal touches.

Allow your larger items to establish your style, then build from there.

5. You don’t have to buy everything brand new.

In reality, mixing vintage and new furniture and design items will make any room feel more comfortable and appealing.

The best room makeovers will incorporate an elegant mix of old and modern elements. This also gives you the opportunity to mix things up a little. If you’ve changed your bedroom’s decor, you might find that an item that’s been assigned to that room for a long time is the perfect accent for your new study.

Design Suggestions for Each Room

Look for patterns when you’ve sat down with all of your style references.

You’ll be able to use any of your selections in any room.

Some good questions to ask are:

• Are there a lot of chilly tones in the color schemes you’re seeing?
• Is the majority of the surface smooth, or are you drawn to texture?
• Do you have a favorite hue in practically every room design you’ve saved?
• Is there a certain type of furniture that keeps reappearing?

Make a list of what stands out to you.


Your bed is a natural center point, and striking headboards are becoming increasingly popular. The entire concept of what should be displayed above the bed has shifted.

Let your bedroom style go supersized, according to new trends! A dramatic piece of art or a wallpapered accent wall will draw attention to the wall area.

If you do decide to utilize a headboard, make it tall and don’t be afraid to use brightly colored upholstery.


Don’t forget to decorate your kitchen with art. It’s all too easy to get caught up in tucking things away or simply leaving a few items out on the counters, but the appropriate piece of art can really make this area sparkle.

When you engage with a reputable home builder, you can be assured that they’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that your kitchen work zone is functional and that the design is ready to live in.

Allow yourself to be inspired by the new area by displaying art that makes you joyful.

In the Living Room

Don’t let an excellent focus point go to waste! It has the power to set the tone for the entire room.

Consider your personal style influences. Use one of the style points you identified and apply it into this paragraph. If it’s a color, make a strong statement with it.

If your focal point is a large window, for example, incorporate it into the curtain fabric. Consider using a fabric like burlap for your window coverings if you want natural, rustic textures.


Incorporate actual furniture into your bathroom design for a stunning effect. Towels can be stored on tiny end tables or a wooden bench near the tub.

Bathrooms are bigger and more elegant than they’ve ever been, and you don’t have to stick to built-ins and lightweight fixtures. For a modern feel, coordinate the decor and mood with the rest of your home.

Room to eat

When a dining room isn’t in use, a beautiful rug is one of the finest ways to keep it looking fascinating. Don’t try to blend in; instead, use a unique design or bold hues.

Because dining room tables have a lot of empty space, and because the table is such a prominent point in the room, it looks better to play off the shape with an area rug that adds visual weight.

When choosing additional design items for the space, take inspiration from its pattern and color, and the whole look will be far more professional than an empty tabletop.

Trends in interior design for your inspiration

The blues are king.

The color blue is prominent in the color forecasts, and the tints are bold and vivid. The richness of cobalt and royal is being employed in everything from tile accents to pendant lamps. Pale and washed out colors are out. The new colours have a natural feel to them, with a dash of bohemian appeal.

Art Deco Makes A Comeback

The best things in life always come back in vogue, and Art Deco is one of the most recent. The most recent version of the style has been updated and includes something for everyone. It’s a touch less sweet and a lot more complex than the original. The geometric designs are still sharp, and the color contrasts are still there, but the colors are now warmer coral tones contrasted with deep greens, dark wine reds, and midnight blue.

Accents made by hand

The ongoing use of handcrafted accessories with a strong texture is a prominent trend in 2019. Think burlap and raffia fabrics, handcrafted rugs, and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that aren’t ashamed to flaunt their artisanal peculiarities.

Expect to see a resurgent interest in hand-applied finishes that aren’t afraid to be bright on walls and floors. Rugs are now used for layering, so don’t be scared to mix and match designs while you’re at it. The aesthetic includes hand-dyed and finished fabrics in intriguing designs, as well as wallcovering that appears to be hand-stamped. It’s bright, colorful, and eclectic.

Mixing Textures

Contrasting the sleekness of stainless steel and marble with the earthiness of pottery and rough wood is a sophisticated way to blend textures. This can be seen throughout the house, with loosely woven draperies contrasted with polished floors, barnwood accents in the kitchen, and grasscloth wallpaper in the entry hall. It’s a simple method to mix and match, and it can brighten up any space.

Plants that are real

They’re beautiful, healthy, and have tens of thousands of Instagram profiles dedicated to them. Urban jungles are the newest craze, and they’re a lot of fun. A kitchen window herb garden or some tough succulents can be grown even by individuals with the brownest of thumbs. There’s something magical about watching a plant grow in your new house, so make sure you have one in each room.

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