About Us

Soccer stats made painlessly

SportyBird is designed to help the aspiring athletes on youth soccer teams, their coaches, and their parents keep track of season progress, visualize improvement, and better prepare for their next practices and games. It’s time for your soccer team to use smart technology during their season!

See your team’s progress.

At SportyBird, we believe you should “see” your player and team develop. So we make everything simple and streamlined. Signing up only takes a few minutes. Then SportyBird will automatically pull all of your game data into one place, so you can easily understand how your games are going and watch your team improve.

Trends become easy-to-see patterns.

SportyBird brings intelligence to your team. By using our free mobile app and innovative, fun-to-use heat maps, you can track key game events. Finally, see what is happening in your games on offense and defense. Effectively understand how your game is going or went. Better prepare for your practices and games. The same technology professional and collegiate teams use all at your fingertips.

Helps you involve friends and family.

Simply put, it’s the player’s game. When more friends and family are involved, the players have more fun. With SportyBird, setup your own social preferences. And we’ll help you build a larger community of cheering fans around your player and team.

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