10 Tips For Getting More Instagram Likes

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10 Tips For Getting More Instagram Likes

Likes on Instagram are akin to a gigantic, gleaming gold medal. They inform you that not only is your content excellent, but that it is also popular. The quantity of comments and Instagram followers you receive rises as your likes grow. Then those followers like more of your material, and you end up with a ton of Instagram likes, which just encourages you to keep expanding your brand and account. The irony is that you buy instagram views right now is a picture of an egg… no, seriously. However, we’ll get to that in a minute. This article will go through how to gain more Instagram likes in-depth. So, if the prospect of an egg photo being more popular than your content makes your brain feel a little jumbled, try some of these strategies to help you obtain a lot of Instagram likes.

1. Create Excitement

Up until a few days ago, Kylie Jenner, an American television star, held the record for the most likes on a photo. What is the image? It was the first time her daughter had held her thumb in her hand. True, her clout has undoubtedly aided her in increasing the number of likes on her Instagram photos to over 18.5 million. However, if you don’t follow celebrity gossip as closely as I do, you should know that the entire pregnancy was kept a secret. For months, the media suspected that she was pregnant, but she always wore baggy garments to cover it, so there was never any proof. She also never bothered to announce her pregnancy in the first place. This was the first time she showed her tiny girl the rest of the world. And since she already had millions of followers and the media clamoring for information on her newborn kid, her post was just what they were looking for. She fostered suspense for all the stuff surrounding her announcement following the birth of Stormi by keeping her pregnancy a secret for nine months.

2. Come up with an Eggscellent Post

With Kylie Jenner’s 18.5 million Instagram likes, no one expected someone to break the Instagram likes code and overtake her. Fortunately, sometimes all it takes is an exceptional photograph that defies all expectations and flips the switch. Yes, we’re referring to the egg post. On January 4th, 2019, the post was shared on a fresh new Instagram account, and by January 16th, it had received 45.2 million likes. And keep in mind that this is a completely new account, so if an egg photo can become viral, there’s literally hope for everyone.

What’s fascinating about this egg-centric Instagram post is that it lacks searchable hashtags and just has one Instagram post. What’s their secret? Virality, labeling, and media attention are all factors to consider. The idea of an egg beating up on a Kylie Jenner post is gimmicky enough to get people’s attention. As the number of Instagram likes increased, so did the number of pieces in the media regarding the subject. And once Kylie was officially beaten, the account received so much attention that the number continued to rise. Even though the account is only 12 days old at the time this post was written, they’ve already gathered 7.1 million Instagram followers. As a result, never doubt your capacity to sway influencers. Sometimes all it takes is a simple pitch to the media, a creative viral marketing campaign, and a witty idea.

3. Honor a loved one

Please accept my apologies for the abrupt change to something a little morbid. Two of the top six most liked Instagram posts, though, are about death. The third most popular was the final photo uploaded by @xxxtentacion, a well-known American rapper, before his death. The photo was an upside-down version of himself with the message “LOVE IS WAR” on Instagram. Unfortunately, war was the cause of his death, as he was assassinated a month later. The sixth most liked post was a photo of @arianagrande’s ex-boyfriend Mac Miller that she uploaded on Instagram after his death. Her fans were waiting for her to say anything. She instead uploaded a snapshot of him to convey that she was thinking about him. Sharing your opinions on the death of a celebrity or important public figure can often help you cope with the devastating loss. Others will often enjoy the photo because they can connect to your position or, if they know the individual, they will feel the same agony. Of course, we don’t want you to make money off of other people’s deaths. If certain notable persons in your life have had an impact on you, you may help to continue their legacy by writing a post about them. Others may be inspired to share their own personal stories of loss as a result of your post.

Let’s move on to something a little more lighthearted now. Some of the most popular posts all have one thing in common: they’re all positive news! Engagements, new relationships, pregnancy announcements, marriage, birthdays, family photographs around the holidays, weight loss transformations, business achievements, medical recoveries, and more are all important milestones in our lives. People will generally give you more Instagram likes if you share a pleasant tale. So, if you want to obtain a lot of Instagram likes, post more of your victories and achievements. Selena Gomez is no new to getting a lot of likes on Instagram. What’s her most popular Instagram post? In hospital gowns, she and Francia Rasia. Raisa saved her best friend Gomez’s life by donating her kidney. Gomez thanked Raisa in an Instagram photo that has over 10.7 million likes.

5. Be a Little More Creative

Kendall Jenner’s Instagram photo from May 2015 quickly became one of the most popular at the moment. It’s still one of the most popular Instagram photographs, with over 3.6 million likes. Jenner was photographed in a gown, lying on the floor. Her hair is styled in such a way that it like small hearts floating about her head. This small act of inventiveness contributed to her receiving millions of Instagram likes. However, other than a fantastic idea, executing a photo like this does not necessitate any resources. The significant number of Instagram likes demonstrates that a heartfelt shot does not require a large budget.

6. Hold a competition

What’s the most efficient strategy to increase your Instagram likes? Organizing a competition. Imagine a delectable cake combined with a refreshing pomegranate limeade, all beautifully captured to wow your senses. Imagine if the Instagram caption for the photo says you can win the cake and drink by simply following the page, tagging a friend, and sharing the photo. If you drooled as much as I did while gazing at this photo (omg, yum! ), you’ll probably enjoy the post (just to be safe) and follow the instructions in the caption. Not surprisingly, the post topped the 25k Instagram likes mark, demonstrating that this Instagram method does, in fact, increase Instagram likes.

7. Motivate and Inspire Your Audience

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks for fitness buffs. You can show off your weight reduction progress, discuss highs and lows from your weight loss journey, and look for healthy recipe pictures. However, things get crazy after a while, and you may not have time to exercise, and you’ve entirely forgotten about your New Year’s pledge to prioritize your health goals. Fortunately, companies like Gymshark often post motivational fitness stories and imagery to help clients stay motivated. Take a look at this Instagram post, which has over 161k likes. The video shows a man working out at the gym with a prosthetic leg, and he admits how difficult it is to lose a limb. Nonetheless, he recognized the importance of serving as a role model for others. Take a look at the comments, too: people praised his capacity to persevere in the face of adversity. Isn’t that something that deserves a lot of Instagram likes? Yes, we believe so as well!

8. Make up a story

@humansofny is one of the few Instagram accounts that tells stories as well as @humansofny. You’ll find a picture and a story about a person in New York with each post they share (and sometimes around the globe). The story told in the Instagram caption, though, is the most interesting aspect of the photo. This particular Instagram post has received over 308k likes. While the rest of the story is chopped off in the photo below, what appears to be a happy ending turns out to be a hauntingly tragic one (go click the link above to find out what happens next – it’s too thought-provoking not to read). If you’re attempting to obtain likes on Instagram, keep in mind that it’s not just about the photo. Other components (such as the caption in this case) persuade you to read the article, encourage you to like it, and push you to comment or follow the page. It’s important to remember that getting the most out of what Instagram has to offer can help you earn more Instagram likes.

9. Keep up with the times

Everyone has been talking about how an egg did the eggs-traordinary and became the most-liked Instagram photo in the last week. Unfortunately, some individuals, um… pugs, were not pleased to learn of this. @itsdougthepug posed in a photo with the famed egg a few days ago, and he appeared to be having a bad day. His caption chastised people for preferring to admire an egg over his “beautiful face.” While the post didn’t earn as many Instagram likes as the egg, it did receive over 314k likes, which, in our opinion, is far from an Instagram faux paw. So, if you want to gain a lot of Instagram likes, make material about current events or popular themes.

10. Use Hashtags That Are Relevant

I said earlier in this article that the photo with the most Instagram likes didn’t have any relevant hashtags. Now I’m advising you to use hashtags that are relevant. I assure you that I am not a hypocrite. The truth is that using relevant hashtags does, in most cases, help you gain more Instagram likes. Why? Because it’s easier for strangers to find your work on the internet in the first place. Take a look at @semisweetmike’s tea-themed Instagram post, which has over 1,100 likes. If you look at the Instagram description, you’ll note that they’ve utilized a number of relevant Instagram hashtags to help people find their post. Hashtags such as #cookiedecorating, #cookiesofinstagram, and #cookiedecoratingvideo can be found. They also use hashtags like #cookiecutter in some of their other Instagram images because that’s what they sell on their online store. They’ve also gotten more Instagram likes by adding relevant hashtags to help users find their material.


So, you’ve learnt how to acquire more Instagram likes in this article. More Instagram likes can be obtained by posting new content on a regular basis that includes relevant hashtags, tells a story, and is promoted outside of Instagram. You can also utilize marketing techniques such as competitions or a blog post about a trending topic. Keep in mind that everyone starts at zero. You can earn more Instagram likes than you ever dreamed with a little time, patience, and ingenuity. So keep your wits about you and keep churning out fantastic material.

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