The Best Bouldering Gear If You Are Climbing Walls

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The Best Bouldering Gear If You Are Climbing Walls

You are going to see the bouldering wall. What climbing gear does one need to start bouldering?

To begin with, there’s absolutely not any such thing as bouldering gear. Some brands only make climbing shoes that are particularly beneficial to bouldering.

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The attractiveness of Bouldering Gear is you never require that gear. Bouldering walls are low to the bottom, so you do not require a harness or scaling ropes. Wear a t-shirt plus shorts/leggings. Then you require a pair of climbing shoes and a chalk bag. That’s it!

Once you’ve finished your climbing skills in an indoor bouldering wall, you may take them outside. Afterward, you are going to need a crash pad because funnily enough, open woods do not have safety mats.

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They won’t work as well although It’s possible to move bouldering in coaches. It’s best to buy a proper set of climbing shoes to go bouldering.

If it is your very first time, you are going to be able to rent a set of climbing shoes out of the indoor climbing wall for around #5.

Once you are looking to purchase a pair of shoes, brands like Sportiva, Four, and Evolv make exceptional climbing shoes.

You will see loads of the best climbers wearing a couple of La Sportiva Option. Free solo legends such as Alex Honnold conveys them. They’re manufactured especially for bouldering, so they hook very well on holds.

They are made out of super soft and Vibram XS Grip2 rubberized, meaning you can feel wherever your foot is determined by the rock or even hold.

Then you also might find La Sportiva overly narrow, When you’ve got wide feet. Try out a set of Evolv Shaman. These were created by climber Chris Sharma. It hooks and borders and you’ll come across the rubber sticky.

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Chalk bags are inexpensive and essential for any climber handling bouldering walls.
You can also require a chalk bag whenever you’re handling a bouldering wall socket. Chalk is vital for dusting the hands to prevent.

There are two different kinds of chalk bags — small ones worn that you leave at the bottom of a boulder problem.

Boulderers have a tendency to make use of the bucket-shaped bags they leave on the floor because they aren’t away from the floor to get this long (when compared with rock climbers), and it’s a tropical bag so that you can use it.

La Sportiva has a good boulder chalk bag that is large enough to fit both hands in simultaneously. Moon Growing also has an excellent array of chalk bags out of trad bags to bucket-style.

You may buy perhaps a chalk ball or chalk to keep on your bag. Some indoor climbing centers don’t like loose chalk as it can proceed everywhere if you are not careful, therefore it’s often better to buy a chalk ball instead.


Once you’ve improved beyond indoor bouldering walls, you’re going to want to take your bouldering outdoors. If you are heading for bouldering areas searching, you’re likely to have to choose your crash pad along with you. This decreases the shock whenever you fall off a problem and will safeguard you.

They vary in size from small 36″ X 48″ mats around XXL 72″ x 48″ pads. Most men and women obtain a 36 x48 mat. Thickness changes too, based on just how much protection you desire.

You want to be certain your crash pad is made of durable material as it is going to take a beating. Shoulder straps are useful for when you are carrying out your mat on your spine, plus pockets to play with your own chalk and shoes right into.

Crash pads are not cheap as you both be using it, however, you should purchase them with a friend.

Mad Rock makes exceptional bouldering mats but they can be hard to get your hands on in the UK. You can buy them out of stockist Be Boulder in the UK. The Mad Rock R 3 is stocked by them. It’s produced from recycled EVA foam shavings and can protect you from a 4m high fall.

Black-diamond Impact can be also a good mat for people entering outdoor bouldering for that very first time. It’s a large ish using four inch thick foam that is ideal for boulder issues. It’s semi rigid and has a strap system to carry.

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